Costume Carnival, Parties and Toys

1920’s Gatsby

1920’s Women Fashion Trends

  • Short Flapper style clothes that provided freedom of movement
  • Striking Art Deco designs
  • Cloche hats and bobbed hairstyles
  • The boyish ‘garconne’ look and adoption of male clothing
  • Casual styles for day wear as worn by Norma Shearer in the photo
  • Fun, fringed flapper dresses or glamorous silk gowns for evening attire

1920’s Men Fashion Trends

  • Less regimented and formal styles
  • Leisure clothes and sportswear were introduced
  • Formal long-tailed evening attire was replaced by the Tuxedo
  • Black patent evening shoes were covered by Spats
  • Casual styles were adopted for leisure day wear, such as plus-fours, sweaters and knickerbockers
  • The ‘Zoot Suit’, introduced during the Harlem Renaissance

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